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Ulanzi Wireless Recorder + 2-in-1 Microphone for iPhone/ iPad (UW-MIC -20P 2.4GHz)

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Ulanzi Wireless Recorder + 2-in-1 Microphone for iPhone/ iPad (UW-MIC -20P 2.4GHz)
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Ulanzi Wireless Recorder + Microphone for iPhone/ iPad in Bangladesh

Ulanzi Wireless Recorder + 2-in-1 Microphone is a compact, portable device designed for use with iPhones and iPads. It features built-in Wireless technology, allowing you to wirelessly connect it to your Apple device and record high-quality audio. The microphone can also be used as a standalone device, making it ideal for on-the-go recording. The device has a 2-in-1 design, which includes both a directional microphone and a wireless recorder, making it an all-in-one solution for audio recording needs. Additionally, the device is compatible with various video recording apps and has a long battery life, making it perfect for vloggers, journalists, and anyone who needs to record audio on the go.

Key Features of Ulanzi UW-MIC:
  • Wearable and Portable Microphones: For a truly wireless experience, conveniently attach a transmitter to whatever you're wearing via the integrated back clip without having to wire yourself or your talent. You can also hold the transmitter in your hand and use it as a handheld microphone.
  • The internal mic features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that ensures reliable speech capture, even if mic placement is less than ideal; your subject's voice is captured with clarity, intelligibility, and consistency.
  • High-Quality Audio with Flexibility for Post-Production: Ulanzi UW-MIC allows you to record high-fidelity, professional audio by accurately reproducing tones across a wide frequency range. To ensure that you are capturing a clean signal you can monitor your sound via the receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output while recording
  • Easily Transformed Into a Recorder: Both transmitters have onboard recording capability for up to 8 hours of backup recording. This allows you to record audio directly to each transmitter as a backup in case of wireless interference and dropouts. You can also use the transmitters as standalone recorders. (Tips: TF card is not included)
  • Reliable and Secure Wireless with Encryption: The Ulanzi UW-MIC is capable of recording crisp audio at distances of up to 100m / 328ft using Ulanzi's encryption technology for secure communications.
  • Easy to Operate: No APP needed. Plug in the receiver on the phone to connect.
  • Three Levels of Intelligent Noise Reduction: Adopt noise reduction algorithm pickup, enable to filter environmental noise effectively and extract clear human voice, no matter in noisy street or windy weather
  • Get a Full Day of Audio Recording: The microphone battery lasts up to 8 hours, and it can be powered by a charging case at any time. Convenient Type-C charging port, no longer worry about the battery life for outdoor recording
  • MFi Apple official certification

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